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Matt Bledsoe & Troy Hitch

We’re launching our newest MY DAMN CHANNEL series today from the men who brought you You Suck at Photoshop (YSAP). Big Fat Brain is: Matt (Bledsoe) & Troy (Hitch) – one vowel away from South Park and please add Amy Austin to your consciousness – since every male lobe needs a brilliant woman behind them…or something like that. 

YSAP is nominated twice by the WEBBY AWARDS for Best Comedy Series and for Best How-To Series.
7 WEBBY nods in all, for our artists & our site.

From Genesis to Revelation & from “YSAP” to Sn4tchbuck3r’s Second Chance

Here’s the first exclusive interview with Big Fat Brain by TIME magazine’s Josh Quittner 




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We coined the phrase CO-CON at the start of our idea to launch this brand. In our quest for mass distribution, artistic freedom & more coin – we’re always looking for legit co-conspirators to bring heat. Big Fat Brain’s Matt Bledsoe & Troy Hitch were two of the first co-cons at My Damn Channel. We stumbled onto their homesite by chance when Holly Cara Price – the first CO-CON – handed me a list of about 40 urls. There’d be no THIS without BFB. There’d be no “You Suck at Photoshop” either. In a world filled with wannabes – Big Fat Brain is everything you want.