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WE’VE MOVED TO A NEW ADDRESS – bring cookies

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THE NIGHT FEED has a new address inside My Damn Channel:




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We just completed the first, unofficial, official, virtual meeting of the newly-formed COUNCIL OF CO-CONS.

Thank yous to our first victims: Miss Malevolent, ZehnKatzen, Jason Elliot, Ryan Hunter.

Maria Diokno from My Damn Channel is reaching out to a rotating group of humanoids who’ve contributed to the building of our baby so far with comments, feedback, emails, video uploads, hate mail n’ flowers.

As we head past our first 21 million views into phase 2 of DAMN – we’re recommitting to opening up more access, control, and LIVE interaction into your heads and hands.

Feedback from Friday:

– overall site navigation scored as high as 9 on the 10 scale, but one neg called it a “shrinking violet” ? have to revisit the notes to ponder?

– Home Page scorecard gets a 7.5 on the 10 scale with requests for a bit more about WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO to be added for the uninitiated

– this Blog (The Night Feed) & the Damn, News items are lost to many since they sit at the bottom of the home page, better placement needed & their text makes them look like google ads

– predictable mega great grades for YSAP & for the brand new Big Fat Brain series: SNATCHBUCKLER’s SECOND CHANCE

– surprisingly good grades for the new experimental home page feature: DAILY GRACE from Grace Helbig….they like you! they really like you! – cautions for us not to overproduce or muck it up were heard

– lower grades for Andy Milonakis….hey Andy: the peops want MORE !

– suggestions went round a bit about a ‘point system’ for ‘super-users’ (more later)


– asks for more ‘behind the scenes’ with our artists/channels & a PRIVATE PHOTOSHOP LESSON WITH DONNIE HOYLE if he ever comes back

– more later> THANKS as well to My Damn Channel humans: Paul Gallagher, Kim Brannon, Brad O’Farrell for making this happen

– Commercialus Interruptus gets pretty good grades with most able to swallow the new Google Adsense for Video for its relevance to the video you’re watching & for your ease at swatting away the flies for good with just one X off the ad.

– these lower third ads scored better than pre-roll – of course – but some are open to the reality of bringing in a few bucks this way – IF – the pre-rolls are no longer than :15 – and – if there’s a frequency cap so the same damn ad doesn’t keep returning during the same visit to our site

– email if you wanna be a future CO-CON


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Matt Bledsoe & Troy Hitch

We’re launching our newest MY DAMN CHANNEL series today from the men who brought you You Suck at Photoshop (YSAP). Big Fat Brain is: Matt (Bledsoe) & Troy (Hitch) – one vowel away from South Park and please add Amy Austin to your consciousness – since every male lobe needs a brilliant woman behind them…or something like that. 

YSAP is nominated twice by the WEBBY AWARDS for Best Comedy Series and for Best How-To Series.
7 WEBBY nods in all, for our artists & our site.

From Genesis to Revelation & from “YSAP” to Sn4tchbuck3r’s Second Chance

Here’s the first exclusive interview with Big Fat Brain by TIME magazine’s Josh Quittner 



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Heaven moved on Earth Day
The ‘Damned’ were blessed
Our voice grew stronger
Our feet moved faster
Shiny new bullets inside a happy, warm gun  


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Thanks to the NAB and especially to Ashley Howell, Chris Marlowe, and Rochelle Winters for inviting us to present in Vegas yesterday. Thanks to Jon Healey from the LA Times for moderating – and to Harry Shearer & Andy Milonakis for making the trip.

We filled a room of about 350-400 humans and started by showing a few of our original videos.  Fun seeing hundreds LOL at YSAP – up on a huge megascreen – and cool to see a crowd feel the bass of music produced by Don Was.

Harry Shearer made news – announcing “THE ALPHAS” – a project he’s been developing for 10 years – and the most ambitious new work making its way to My Damn Channel.

“THE ALPHAS” is motion-capture animation of the highest quality (Beowulf) – done in the fastest turnaround ever achieved (less than 5 day production cycles). Here’s more:

Imagine seeing the best-known people in politics and the media, every week, in hilariously private situations.  Not actors in makeup, but what looks and sounds like the real President, candidates, anchors, and the rest. That’s the idea behind “The Alphas”, a revolutionary new concept in topical sketch comedy.  Written and performed by Harry Shearer, who’s notched more than two decades as a creator of topical satire on his weekly public radio broadcast, “Le Show”, along with two memorable seasons on “Saturday Night Live”, “The Alphas” includes no makeup, no celebrity cameos.  Instead, utlizing a trio of cutting-edge motion-capture technologies–harnessed for the first time to a “week-of-air” production schedule, “The Alphas” features startlingly realistic computer-animated versions of the movers, shakers and yakkers.  They’re not lifelike–thanks to the technology and Shearer’s performances, they’re alive.  And every week, they’re deftly and drolly revealed for all their pretensions, resentments, jealousies and anxieties–all the good stuff, online just days after production.

Here’s the first news coverage from the LA Times and the Digital Content Producer Magazine with thanks for the ‘ink’ & correction to Michael Goldman.


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We built My Damn Channel with a few of patron saints in mind. Johnny Rotten is usually painted by critics with such a simple brush. Most miss the point. John may often be brutal – but he’s alway honest. 

During the “Rotten TV” run, we walked the red carpet, as a goof on the way into that year’s VH1 Fashion Awards. Out of the corner of his eye, John spotted four important looking humans standing a few feet away from all the action, surveying the scene.

“Who are they!?” – he challenged….  I looked over my shoulder to see Sumner Redstone, flanked by Tom Freston, Judy McGrath & John Sykes.  “Don’t – just don’t,” was my hapless request, knowing full well I was screwed.  Rotten headed straight for Sumner. He grabbed his hand first. Then he shook the rest & asked the group one simple question: “How much money are you lot all making on this tonight?”

As we turned to walk on, Freston grabbed my arm and offered, “I love that show.”  It was one of the moments that was supposed to go horribly wrong, and somehow went surprisingly well. Probably just luck.

As we head to Vegas to try to haplessly explain why My Damn Channel trusts our talent – here are a few of our gold-plated rules – we’ll think of a few more before tomorrow’s event – Wed 4/16 – 2pm – here:

Never lie
Don’t hold back bad news
Don’t use ‘creative input’ as an excuse for ‘J J” (Job Justification)
Make decisive decisions
Never bait & switch 
Communicate constantly
Avoid the ‘handlers’ – go direct
Be specific
Move fast – no waiting
Work the press
Pay on time – every time
Pick up the check – almost every time


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If you’re in Vegas this week, or always looking for an excuse to go, My Damn Channel’s flesh & bones will be onstage at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention Wednesday, 4/16 at 2pm.

The NAB invited us to spend an hour talking about TRUSTING TALENT in a place called the “Content Theatre.”

Harry Shearer will be with us & we’re ‘trusting’ Andy Milonakis will show up. The session is going to be moderated by Jon Healey from the LA Times. We promised Jon we’re going to make some ‘news’ with an announcement that Harry and I will deliver Wednesday.

If ‘trusting talent’ is a radical idea that deserves to be dissected, then we’ll whip out the scalpel and slice away a bit more – here – this weekend.