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– meeting & scheming with artists to launch ‘channel 9’

– about to mark another milestone with over 19 million views since launch

– passed 27,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel

– spilling our guts in an exclusive interview coming up in Forbes magazine

– too many interview requests for Donnie Hoyle, not only won’t he agree – he’s ‘vanished’

HORRIBLE PEOPLE #9 is NEW today – ANOTHER murder & the countdown to the champagne toast & our season finale next Monday, 4/14.

– and we’re HORRIBLE in France!  top featured video this a.m. on YouTube/France




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Last chance to vote for WAINY DAYS as Best Series 

You can vote once a day – this is it…

YouTube’s 2007 Video Awards

The Paul Rudd episode from David Wain’s original My Damn Channel series.

VOTE below – Click ‘SERIES’ – Select “How to Seduce Women” here:


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WAINY DAYS is up for YouTube’s 2007 Video Awards !

Help us WIN !

It’s the Paul Rudd episode from David Wain’s original My Damn Channel series.

Please VOTE below – Click ‘SERIES’ – Select “How to Seduce Women” here:


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The YouTube Awards Are Back!

In 2007, we witnessed an explosion of ideas and creativity on YouTube. You showed us that online video is not just a way to share pet and baby videos (though it is certainly good for that, too), but rather it can be so much more: a showcase for aspiring artists, a megaphone for everyday people, a way to learn new skills and even to change the political process.In recognition of all of these vibrant uses of and communities on YouTube, we expanded the awards this year to include five new categories — Best Short Film, Best Political Video, Best Sports Video, Best Eyewitness Video, and Best Instructional Video – for a total of 12. Each category now has six nominees instead of 10 (a special nod to those of you with short attention spans).

You’ll also notice that the structure of the awards and the way voting works look a little different this year. Every time you refresh the page, the order of the categories and the featured thumbnail change in a random order so there can be no bias in the way the content is viewed or presented.

As you might imagine, whittling down any category to six videos was a gargantuan task and already we’ll say we’re sorry to the hundreds/thousands of deserving content creators who didn’t get nominated. But you can’t exactly blame us – you made these videos memorable and helped them rise to the top of the YouTube charts. The nominees reflect some of the most buzzed-about videos on the site, particularly the ones you bookmarked to watch later (and presumably again and again).

So head over to the YouTube Video Awards channel to start watching and voting for some of the videos that defined ’07. You can vote once per day (though you may not change your vote on the same day) and you have until 11:59pm PT on March 19, 2008, to do so. Winners will be announced on March 21, 2008, at which point we’ll feature them on this page as well as overnight them a trophy like no other (and believe us when we say this). Winners will also get a special invitation to a YouTube event later this year.

Good luck and have fun!

The YouTube Team

An Historic Debate

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We’ve been planning a series of internet debates as the countdown to Iowa continues.

We were not ready to confirm the participants until word leaked out in Florida where the YouTube mothership is getting ready to land on the Republican candidates tonight on CNN.

We can now confirm that next Tuesday night, Dec. 4, Tim Russert will moderate an historic debate between Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and Sen. John Edwards (D) on My Damn Channel.

My Damn Channel will make next Tuesday’s debate available simultaneously on YouTube.

Our debate format was developed by Harry Shearer (“Le Show,” Huffington Post, “The Simpsons”). Voters and caucus goers will have a unique opportunity to access the candidates without any of the usual barriers that prevent them from taking a look at the real people who want to be President.

More debate details to follow.