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Think we’re going to be on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Spoke to Melissa Block who reached out to hear more about our little shop of DAMN. Airdate & time – the mystical “to be announced.”



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Old media may be starting to fall in love with the bad boys. They’ve definitely gotten all hot and bothered.

Ever since the strike began, the collective power created by fans of video sites like this are captivating editors to get to the bottom of our business models and find out how and why major Hollywood talent is setting up a new rebel base here in dot-commie land.

I landed in LA late yesterday and learned that a conversation I had with Gary Gentile at the Associated Press about the writers’ strike was picked up by over 100 media outlets including Yahoo!, MSN, MSNBC, ABC, Forbes, CBS News, and the Washington Post.

Our recent viral videos racked up millions of views in a matter of days. Advertisers like Lincoln/Mercury and Universal Pictures just bought a ticket on the My Damn Channel bus and this little anti-media machine is picking up speed.

If artists don’t win more respect and revenues inside this strike zone, then old media is going to wind up looking like Bruce Willis at the end of “The Sixth Sense.”

Sixth Sense Movie Poster

Here’s Gary’s piece.

Hollywood? (11.15.07 – 4:29 am)

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Hollywood Sign

My Damn Channel is getting a heap of new attention, phone calls, offers and rapid traffic increases in the wake of the writers’ strike. If we weren’t completely spiritually aligned with the writers and dedicated to giving them the best deals in the business – we’d feel guilty. Bad fortune cookies cracking open all over old Hollywood Boulevard mean ‘good times’ for all the cowboyz and cowgirlz out here in VIRTUALWOOD.

We’ve been sleepless for the past 108 days that our site has been up LIVE – creating new channels and videos for mass distribution: backing professional writers, actors, musicians, comics, directors, and producers who still work in the old system but can taste and smell the new world dawning. Our co-cons are too talented to ever quit creating. We set them a new thanksgiving table with a feast of web freedoms. No turkeys in our oven – they’re still alive out there – gobbling about how they’re not really losing audience to the web and how business is better than ever. Ya think?

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