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Fresh off last night’s Obama and Hillary heavyweight bout another My Damn Channel Silent Debate. In a selfless act of journalistic fairness, Harry Shearer steps aside to let Brit Hume from Fox¬†moderate…and have a little lunch:


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Presidential 08 Comedy is a small category that includes black belts like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, & Bill Maher. These men have crafted a set of skills to allow the ‘nation’ to take a better look at itself and our leaders.We launched My Damn Channel by adding another skilled craftsman to this category. Harry Shearer has a resume as long as his…..well, let’s just say Harry makes humans think and laugh in every medium: radio, television, films, cds, dvds, books, blogs, and live appearances.

We signed Harry because we wanted to join the conversation about the 08 race for the White House. He hits the web every week with original videos produced for And today, he does this…silently:

Lost + Found (11.13.07 – 1:35 am)

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Lost Logo
Every fan of “LOST” gets a look inside its creator’s cranium for a single-serving of one of the tastiest essays on the writers’ strike.

Found Objects Logo
Harry Shearer’s “Found Objects” is the latest series joining Silent Debates, Crescent City Stories, and the best biting political pieces on the web – or in sloganland…..period. We’re sending an elite mercenary to the beaches of LA to aid Sir Harry’s search for more “Found Objects.” This covert operative earned high security clearance after surviving a recent hostile takeover at one of our rebel bases in Chicago. There are rumors that Dr. Phil is coming to My Damn Channel…..and there is confirmation that Harry will be creating more SILENT DEBATES on the first 3 Tuesdays in December. Our debates let you decide which candidate has the least to say for our nation and for the world. If you missed the first, historic showdown, we offer Hillary’s finest hour. Not one question was ducked, zero flip-flops….the picture of strength and certainty:

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