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Posted in Big Fat Brain, Reborn Studio with tags on December 12, 2007 by Rob Barnett


New looks n’ feels starting to hit My Damn Channel. There have been improvements throughout, but the next large leaps forward are starting to appear.

We’ve added thumbnails to all our videos. This is the first of many upgrades that will all be revealed by Friday, Feb. 1st – including a new home page, new artist channel pages, SEARCH and more…details coming in guest blogging from Big Fat Brain and Reborn over these next weeks because we need attacks, applause or hot mental apathy.


A Little Nourishment (11.16.07 – 12:45 am)

Posted in Big Fat Brain, Don Was, Reborn Studio on November 16, 2007 by Rob Barnett

Thanks to Holly Cara Price, Reborn, Big Fat Brain, Nate and other friends for giving THE NIGHT FEED a little nourishment + encouragement to find sum mojo. Our website traffic is starting to blow up bigtime this week. Our little anti-media army is very jazzed. One quick note here and I’ll shut up – inviting you to go get some free music from our DonFather – with much more to say about why tomorrow.