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The blog is called “THE NIGHT FEED” – usually written in the middle of the night – at home – after feeding twin babies.

“MILK AWAY” is the name of today’s tribute to anyone who’s used a meeting with My Damn Channel to fake support for a suck. 

When you build a small business with a big idea – beware of spending too much time talking with people about building the business. Max time every waking hour has to go to creating the work and serving the audience. Talk is anything but cheap when you’re carefully spending every dollar you’ve got. Talk sometimes means too many plane tickets to visit plush boardrooms where hosts serve bottled water and then feign true interest as a tactic to do a little more ‘research.’ Entrepreneurs lift back the veil – spill the beans – tell their story – sell their wares.

The process is flawed but all this chess taught us a few lessons. In a world with an unending number of new media choices, there are no secrets. Someone spending too much time thinking and waiting is someone left in the back of the line when a fast-moving train leaves the station.

My Damn Channel is built on speed – founded as an alternative to corporate interference – tested and vetted every minute by hungry fans armed with the best, badass bullshit detectors.

We’re in debt to the people who’ve put their time and treasure into this mission to reboot OLD MEDIA. We stand in service to our small staff, our stellar stable of artists, our fellow media missionaries helping spread the news, and our audience keeping us honest.

Next train is leaving the station. 



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3 new channels – launch Monday at 4a pt / 7a et 

also Monday — the Season 2 finale of WAINY DAYS



David Wain & a photo of Paul Rudd are in a front page story in tomorrow’s Sunday NY Times Arts & Leisure section:


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We’re still a baby – just six months old – but today’s the day we reintroduce ourselves to you.


I’m Rob Barnett. The driving idea behind my company gives musicians, filmmakers, actors and comedians the respect they deserve but rarely get from old media. We built an oasis and a launching pad for our stars to create and distribute original, episodic video series on a network of channels here: We also send the videos off to YouTube, MySpace and into mass syndication on dozens of key outlets.

It’s all free to you & our talent is free of corporate interference. Our artists do what they want. We’re trusting them to trust their instincts. We’re trusting you to tell us when we’re on the money and to attack and slap us around when we suck (at photoshop). When you find clips you like – spread ’em & support the cause. 

We call this blog, “The Night Feed,” because I’m awake in the middle of every night helping my wife feed our 4 month-old twin babes. I’ll steal minutes most nights to keep a dialogue going with you about what this is becoming & to thank you for the chance to co-create, communicate, embrace a little freedom, and dream up a very fun gig. 

Tonight marks the launch of a whole new look and functions on My Damn Channel to make it easier to play with us. Mega Gigoonda thanks and respect go to Warren, Big Fat Brain, Reborn, Harry, Don, David, Andy, Steve, Coolio, Miles, Jon, Asterisk, Elan, Dead Crow, Karen, Wheelhouse, Paul, Kate, Matt, Matt, Maria, Brad, Kym, Kim, Jahnavi, Lindsey, Eric, Marc, Gary, John, Elinor & Bernie, Mike & Joan, Joan & Mike, Bob & Ruth, Sue, Julia, Jessie, Dylan, and Sara.

…shutting up now.  


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Merry Christmas to all. A few more days of relative calm before we return to battle.


Our band of merry rebels won’t take anything away from the mega success of the self-help phenom: “The Secret.” But an obvious lesson learned in old media fuels our web war machine for ’08: Corporate secrets are poisonous.

When I started in rock radio, the first wave of FM freedom fighters were under attack by a small handful of wolves dressed in corporate clothing.  A few ex-disc jockeys and program directors cut their long hair, dressed up in fancy new suits, and jumped up on a new pedestal as self-appointed “consultants.” These bad boys devised plans to rake in megabucks by convincing radio owners and general managers they possessed secret formulas for ratings success.  Veteran radio warriors earned scars and stripes as we watched these wise guys disappear behind the closed doors of power and suck the spirit out of an industry built on innovation and creativity. Originality was replaced by cookie-cutter formats with identical playlists making stations separated by thousands of miles sound exactly the same.


A number of these same consultants invaded other bastions of cool and followed some of radio’s best & brightest to new fronts fighting for mindshare of the pop culture planet.  It was surprising and sad to see these wise guys show up in the hallways of MTV.  More secret meetings, more secret memos, more secret sauce to romance executives into dishing out fat retainer fees to the con-sultans. 

We have a few important rules in our rebel army. “Dirty Hands” means anyone who works with us has to produce actual work. We can’t afford the luxury of paying people to navel gaze and dispense wisdom. The new world moves too fast and our gang is too skeptical to be sucked in by snake oil.


We’ve got another pretty old-fashioned rule for My Damn Channel.
“No secrets.” Everyone in our community has direct unfiltered access to our people and our site. Everyone who works with us – our artists – staff – interns – co-conspirators – and backers – get the buck naked truth. It’s easier. We’re unafraid of what lies ahead and too psyched to be bogged down by bullshit. 




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In a world of too many sports analogies, you’ll often get the phrase:  “level playing field.” Dot-commies use this line to help them build confidence in our fight for new democracy vs. Old Media. The field is getting more level by the minute.

I’ve sat inside old skyscrapers long enough to see million-dollar execs sweat bullets when a few too many websites or emails dare to question their mystical ability to know what the public wants. Honesty is a sacred currency in new media. A small group of intense fans can shake skyscrapers from their foundation. The mistake too many execs make is to run in fear from fans who attack. Mass communication is a contact sport.

When we first started, we had arguments about whether or not to let users comment and post negatively on our videos. We quickly decided before launch that we’d be doomed the minute we started editing or blocking feedback of any kind.

We’re planning to launch new features by Feb 1st to ensure that My Damn Channel becomes more BOTTOM UP. 

Keep Attacking.