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Posted in John Sykes, MTV, VH1 with tags , , on March 12, 2008 by Rob Barnett

Do you remember your first secret Rock & Roll moment? You’re in your room, with the door closed. The music’s up loud. You’re fairly sure you’ve got at least a few minutes of privacy before one of your parents barges in to shout: “turn it down.” Pre-iPod, Pre-Guitar Hero. In that room, in that moment, the music moves you to the mirror. You strap on the imaginary air guitar – for a moment you are the singer and the song.

The rock beast born inside you is a hungry monster that has to be fed. Few take the brave path of opening up that bedroom door and walking out into the world committed to life as “the artist.”

Most grow to a certain age where they ignore the hunger long enough to starve the monster to death. These secret settlers head for a straight path to adulthood without causing too much damage. Others have a wellspring of sacred angst that eats them up inside. 

Certain rock disciples choose a middle path. This is a road traveled by souls who never stray far away from their original rock inspirations. These souls find careers as DJs, A&R execs, MTV execs, VH1 execs, concert promoters. JOHN SYKES has done ALL of that.


Along the way, he’s honored the music; celebrated it; televised it; played it; inducted it; he took us BEHIND THE MUSIC; he POPPED it up; he backed STORYTELLERS, saints & sinners…he even dedicated himself to SAVE THE MUSIC.  

It’s easy to forget that all the music you love takes at least two steps to get into your head.  First, it has to be made – and then it has to have a champion. John is a lifelong fan and champion of great music.

In a world full of bad guys, John’s raw enthusiasm and force of will have always overcome mountains. If you’re a rock soul looking to lead a life in tune, you’re lucky to cross paths with this guy. He’s both leader and cheerleader – driven – soulful – smart – and fearless.

Thanks for every help along the way John. The future is damn full of fun. Syked to see your next great vision.