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The NY Times calls the WEBBY AWARDS “the Oscars of the web.” 

Over 10,000 entries from over 60 countries & today’s WEBBY announcements blew us away today with 7 honors in all. 

4 nominations & 3 Honors. Only 5 others have more nominations.

Here’s the list: 

1. My Damn Channel (Honoree for Best Humor Site)

2. Harry Shearer – Found Objects / Katie Couric (Honoree for Best Viral Video)

3. Wainy Days – Episode 10 – The Future (Honoree for Best Indiv. Comedy Episode)

4. Wainy Days (Nominated for Best Comedy Series)

5. Big Fat Brain’s You Suck At Photoshop (Nominated for Best Comedy Series)

6. Big Fat Brain’s You Suck at Photoshop (Nominated for Best How-To / DIY Series)

7. Harry Shearer – “Waterboardin’, USA” (Nominated for Best Music Video)

Nominations are decided by judges….and by you – so please vote!

A bit of a bitch – but it only takes a minute – here’s how:

Click here – then register

Go to Online Film & Video


Find MUSIC (& vote for HARRY SHEARER)

Find HOW-TO/DIY (& vote for YSAP) 



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WAINY DAYS is up for YouTube’s 2007 Video Awards !

Help us WIN !

It’s the Paul Rudd episode from David Wain’s original My Damn Channel series.

Please VOTE below – Click ‘SERIES’ – Select “How to Seduce Women” here:


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The YouTube Awards Are Back!

In 2007, we witnessed an explosion of ideas and creativity on YouTube. You showed us that online video is not just a way to share pet and baby videos (though it is certainly good for that, too), but rather it can be so much more: a showcase for aspiring artists, a megaphone for everyday people, a way to learn new skills and even to change the political process.In recognition of all of these vibrant uses of and communities on YouTube, we expanded the awards this year to include five new categories — Best Short Film, Best Political Video, Best Sports Video, Best Eyewitness Video, and Best Instructional Video – for a total of 12. Each category now has six nominees instead of 10 (a special nod to those of you with short attention spans).

You’ll also notice that the structure of the awards and the way voting works look a little different this year. Every time you refresh the page, the order of the categories and the featured thumbnail change in a random order so there can be no bias in the way the content is viewed or presented.

As you might imagine, whittling down any category to six videos was a gargantuan task and already we’ll say we’re sorry to the hundreds/thousands of deserving content creators who didn’t get nominated. But you can’t exactly blame us – you made these videos memorable and helped them rise to the top of the YouTube charts. The nominees reflect some of the most buzzed-about videos on the site, particularly the ones you bookmarked to watch later (and presumably again and again).

So head over to the YouTube Video Awards channel to start watching and voting for some of the videos that defined ’07. You can vote once per day (though you may not change your vote on the same day) and you have until 11:59pm PT on March 19, 2008, to do so. Winners will be announced on March 21, 2008, at which point we’ll feature them on this page as well as overnight them a trophy like no other (and believe us when we say this). Winners will also get a special invitation to a YouTube event later this year.

Good luck and have fun!

The YouTube Team


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Day 2 of the NEW look & all new features on My Damn Channel. We added essential items like SEARCH – VIDEO VIEWS – RATINGS – DATE ADDED – VIDEO LENGTHS – and EVERY SHARING FEATURE WE CAN THINK OF.

Go to the Home Page & check out ‘THE NOD’ – A thousand years ago, Siskel & Ebert scored with their THUMBS UP / THUMBS DOWN movie rating….dumbing down simplicity to a whole new level.  You’ve got your 3 stars & 4 stars – you had your ‘GONG SHOW’ – your seal of approval – i’m shutting up now….


‘THE NOD’ is our way & your way – to pick ONE video every day – from anywhere – to get the My Damn Channel Home Page Luv.

Yesterday we launched ‘THE NOD’ with two friends – Hollywood’s best couple – Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel – with Sarah’s candidate for clip of the year: “I’m Fucking Matt Damon.”  How ’bout that ABC TELEVISION NETWORK -huh? Somebody’s growing some steel ones down below.

Today, ‘THE NOD’ found a YouTube clip by a guy called CRanga. It’s a topless/British/NINE MINUTE review of “WAINY DAYS.” Put this very HAIRY dude on your calendar for a lunchtime view. Don’t think he’s trying to be funny – he gets so much, so wrong. Find Hairy Boy on our home page today.

Email your suggestions for THE NOD to:

Monday is the SEASON 2 FINALE of WAINY DAYS!!! 

Damn, News Vol. 4

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Happy weekend from the My Damn Channel boys and girls. We’ve got 5 artist channels with new videos premiering every day. This February, we’re adding 3 new channels, plus new site features & ways to interact. Here are 3 new clips to take the “weak” out of your weekend:

Love Vegas Comp

Perez Hilton on My Damn Channel

Andy Milonakis on the mic, Don Was on bass, David Wain on drums, and Perez….hosting our CES Party at the Palms in Vegas.

Click Here

Katie Couric - Found Objects

Behind the Scenes in New Hampshire

Harry Shearer’s “Found Objects” strikes again. This week’s episode went viral with over a million views in one day to break the My Damn Channel record. You’ll never look at Cindy McCain the same way again.

Click Here

Photoshop #3

Part 3 Premieres on the Big Fat Brain Channel

If you watch Donnie Hoyle’s latest tutorial, you might suck a little less. Then again…

Click Here


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Hi everyone! It’s me, My Damn Channel’s own mascot, David Wain, here to tell you that if you like Wainy Days, you’ll maybe also like THE TEN, a comedy extravaganza of a feature film I made, with an all-star cast, sexy girls, naked guys, and several songs by Roberta Flack. It comes out on DVD TUESDAY JANUARY 15! Lots of info, trailers, pre- order info, blah blah blah at

I LOVE YOU ALL happy new year david “david wain” wain



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Meet “Alias” – The Master Seducer!
WAINY DAYS guest stars PAUL RUDD on My Damn Channel.
David Wain says, “This is the episode that mirrors real life: Paul Rudd teaching me about sex.”
Paul Rudd says, “This is the episode where, when the cameras weren’t shooting, I totally had sex with David Wain.”