Boo! is the brand new album from Was (Not Was).

Quit working for a second & picture this: 

You’re walking down a dark road – there’s a thumping sound ahead somewhere in the distance – you shuffle a little bit faster towards the sound. A light shines in the night to guide the way.

You’re closer – you hear music playing louder. You see a church with a long name that doesn’t sound like it belongs to any particular denomination: “The House of the Happy Redemption”  

Open the door & the preacher’s voice is booming : “If life has left you a little too filled with fear, worry, loneliness, forgetfullness, and despair…..then stand up and let the music back in through the bottom of your feet to the top of your aching head.”

Remember how you used to feel before you had hard times invade your brain? Go get some musical medicine & a long tall glass of some “Crazy Water.”

We’re honored that Don Was decided to reimagine music distribution on My Damn Channel. Checkout the Wasmopolitan Cavalcade of Recorded Music – where Don has produced over 50 NEW tracks and videos – all there for you – for free.

Here’s more:  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/don-was-mixmeister-flash-805742.html


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