A few other living rock bands have chased “the title” – but when those contenders take a private look in the mirror, they all know the championship belt still belongs to The Rolling Stones.

Their iconic stature is so immense that it’s become too easy to take the Stones for granted. They’ve toured endlessly, touching millions – but if you’ve never seen the Rolling Stones in concert, you’ve missed the chance to inhale the primordial goo that led you to every rock band you ever worshipped.

I was 21 in ’81, when I had my first close encounter of the mystical kind. A series of amazing coincidences put me in a position to dream up an impossible night of music. I co-created a secret Stones club gig with the band which put them on a tiny stage at Sir Morgan’s Cove in Worcester, Massachusetts. We filled the club with over 300 fans of our radio station, WAAF. It’s one thing to see the world’s best band in a football stadium – it’s another thing to see them five feet in front of your face.

stones-at-sir-morgans-cove-bw-81.jpg stones-waaf-sticker-on-face.jpg

The band continued the tradition of doing secret warmup gigs in small clubs over the years. On rare occasions, they’ve played small theatres like the Beacon in NY. In the fall of 2006, Martin Scorsese documented the Stones there. The result is a new film called, SHINE A LIGHT which opens tomorrow.

We’ve got 5 clips up now on our PromoSexual channel to drive you to the movie and to get you one step closer to feeling what all the fuss has been about since 1962.

When real rock becomes dangerously rare, authenticity annhiliates cynicism.


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