“IF 6 WAS 9”


Welcome back to “The Night Feed.” The twins are heading into their 6th month. My Damn Channel enters number 9.

This blog started like the ‘thrill of the chase’ – too awake to sleep – all of the daily noise turned all the way down except for the babies crying. But when they settle back down, the search begins to try to document a series of searches and chases.

All 3 babies stand to represent and honor ‘original.’ There aren’t any rules on a page to set it right. The only way to stay ‘new’ is to listen and watch and steer the way the wind is whispering.

On the channels, we don’t impose rules and regulations on the artists. We built the vehicle and keep finding enough cash to fill their tank. No backseat driving.

We’re opening up new ideas for channel 9 and ready to listen to yours.

Thank you for the video Erica.


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