We’ve got a daily video on our home page we call ‘THE NOD’

Our employees’ pick – our daily nod to greatness…

Today, we salute the perfect power of the good guitar riff….

Mick Jones of The Clash is back with Tony James of Generation X – their new band is CARBON/SILICON – their debut video is called ‘THE NEWS’ – spread it.

(not sure what Mr. Rotten would say about all the Pistols’ posters in the video???)


2 Responses to “HERE’S ‘THE NEWS’”

  1. We love these guys, and just interviewed them for our show Rabbit Bites btw… They were a lot of fun!

  2. Here it is…MIck and Tony talking to a couple of A List Rabbits.

    Hugs, Buns and Chou

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