You can tell by the title I’m just not getting enough 07/08 sleep. Pathetic. But heading to ‘church’ tonight for kickoff of the next leg of the Springsteen tour. That & today’s 2 new videos will keep me vertical.

Every Thursday Don Was presents NEW music recorded & produced for you free of charge. Grab the MP3’s & steal the music videos with thanks to a generous grant from our friends at LINCOLN.

Today’s new music premiere is just what the doctor ordered – reggae rock from the band COMMON SENSE. Their first My Damn Channel video is called “STRANGE ONE.”


The band is based in a very important town for our new media mission – LAGUNA BEACH, CA. It’s homebase for Okapi Ventures where Marc Averitt is a lead backer & board member at My Damn Channel. Surf’s most definitely UP. 

If comedy’s your Thursday calling – head to one of newest channels: CARNIVAL of STUFF. Steve Kerper & the mighty men at Asterisk present our first animated series: “INVASION” – episode 3 – SQUIRRELS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN:



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