The blog is called “THE NIGHT FEED” – usually written in the middle of the night – at home – after feeding twin babies.

“MILK AWAY” is the name of today’s tribute to anyone who’s used a meeting with My Damn Channel to fake support for a suck. 

When you build a small business with a big idea – beware of spending too much time talking with people about building the business. Max time every waking hour has to go to creating the work and serving the audience. Talk is anything but cheap when you’re carefully spending every dollar you’ve got. Talk sometimes means too many plane tickets to visit plush boardrooms where hosts serve bottled water and then feign true interest as a tactic to do a little more ‘research.’ Entrepreneurs lift back the veil – spill the beans – tell their story – sell their wares.

The process is flawed but all this chess taught us a few lessons. In a world with an unending number of new media choices, there are no secrets. Someone spending too much time thinking and waiting is someone left in the back of the line when a fast-moving train leaves the station.

My Damn Channel is built on speed – founded as an alternative to corporate interference – tested and vetted every minute by hungry fans armed with the best, badass bullshit detectors.

We’re in debt to the people who’ve put their time and treasure into this mission to reboot OLD MEDIA. We stand in service to our small staff, our stellar stable of artists, our fellow media missionaries helping spread the news, and our audience keeping us honest.

Next train is leaving the station. 


One Response to “MILK AWAY”

  1. Hey Rob,

    Sending sympathy and strength to you and your partner after reading this entry this morning; my twins were thirty years old this past Saturday, but it seems like yesterday we were doing the night shift with those little boogers sitting on your lap at 3:30 AM in a milk stupor.

    Our little group mission is quite a bit different from yours, to reboot OLD RELIGION, but I take your tips to heart as a new blogger who has yet to see the first real visitor. . . What a fucking whirlwind of words! Who’s got time to actually let any of them sink in? Well, there’s where the HOPE thing lives and breathes.

    Good luck with the kids, they’ll be thirty before you blink, take care of your self and the spouse.


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