3 new channels – launch Monday at 4a pt / 7a et 

also Monday — the Season 2 finale of WAINY DAYS



David Wain & a photo of Paul Rudd are in a front page story in tomorrow’s Sunday NY Times Arts & Leisure section:


3 Responses to “TWO MORE DAYS”

  1. Good story…I hope that now that the writer strike is over, that the content keeps on coming. I rarely watch network television, I mean 30 Rock, Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone is about it for me. (cable is another story though, love my Bill Maher and Penn and Teller.

    What really struck me was that Jerry O’Connell…skit. Loved it. He’s got balls, and I love him for that.

    I know you guys have your “real” jobs but I’m selfish, and I find this site to be damn entertaining and I don’t want it to end.

    [/kissing ass]

  2. thanks mm – this is our ‘real’ job – have no fear – we were born 3 months before the strike – with no dyin plans

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