Day 2 of the NEW look & all new features on My Damn Channel. We added essential items like SEARCH – VIDEO VIEWS – RATINGS – DATE ADDED – VIDEO LENGTHS – and EVERY SHARING FEATURE WE CAN THINK OF.

Go to the Home Page & check out ‘THE NOD’ – A thousand years ago, Siskel & Ebert scored with their THUMBS UP / THUMBS DOWN movie rating….dumbing down simplicity to a whole new level.  You’ve got your 3 stars & 4 stars – you had your ‘GONG SHOW’ – your seal of approval – i’m shutting up now….


‘THE NOD’ is our way & your way – to pick ONE video every day – from anywhere – to get the My Damn Channel Home Page Luv.

Yesterday we launched ‘THE NOD’ with two friends – Hollywood’s best couple – Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel – with Sarah’s candidate for clip of the year: “I’m Fucking Matt Damon.”  How ’bout that ABC TELEVISION NETWORK -huh? Somebody’s growing some steel ones down below.

Today, ‘THE NOD’ found a YouTube clip by a guy called CRanga. It’s a topless/British/NINE MINUTE review of “WAINY DAYS.” Put this very HAIRY dude on your calendar for a lunchtime view. Don’t think he’s trying to be funny – he gets so much, so wrong. Find Hairy Boy on our home page today.

Email your suggestions for THE NOD to: info@MyDamnChannel.com

Monday is the SEASON 2 FINALE of WAINY DAYS!!! 

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