We’re still a baby – just six months old – but today’s the day we reintroduce ourselves to you.


I’m Rob Barnett. The driving idea behind my company gives musicians, filmmakers, actors and comedians the respect they deserve but rarely get from old media. We built an oasis and a launching pad for our stars to create and distribute original, episodic video series on a network of channels here: www.MyDamnChannel.com. We also send the videos off to YouTube, MySpace and into mass syndication on dozens of key outlets.

It’s all free to you & our talent is free of corporate interference. Our artists do what they want. We’re trusting them to trust their instincts. We’re trusting you to tell us when we’re on the money and to attack and slap us around when we suck (at photoshop). When you find clips you like – spread ’em & support the cause. 

We call this blog, “The Night Feed,” because I’m awake in the middle of every night helping my wife feed our 4 month-old twin babes. I’ll steal minutes most nights to keep a dialogue going with you about what this is becoming & to thank you for the chance to co-create, communicate, embrace a little freedom, and dream up a very fun gig. 

Tonight marks the launch of a whole new look and functions on My Damn Channel to make it easier to play with us. Mega Gigoonda thanks and respect go to Warren, Big Fat Brain, Reborn, Harry, Don, David, Andy, Steve, Coolio, Miles, Jon, Asterisk, Elan, Dead Crow, Karen, Wheelhouse, Paul, Kate, Matt, Matt, Maria, Brad, Kym, Kim, Jahnavi, Lindsey, Eric, Marc, Gary, John, Elinor & Bernie, Mike & Joan, Joan & Mike, Bob & Ruth, Sue, Julia, Jessie, Dylan, and Sara.

…shutting up now.  


4 Responses to “WHO IS MY DAMN CHANNEL?”

  1. I think that the new look of the place is just spiffy. Looks real slick. What’s not so slick is how much it’s slowed down.

    Just wanted to let you know about that.

  2. thanks Miss M – spiffy! – high praise – today’s a bit of a testing day – no sleep last night – still getting out the kinks – please check back tonight – k – thanks

  3. I don’t know how you can do all of this with the babies.

  4. all Warren’s fault – he’s king of the no-sleep co-conspirators

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