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February 4, 2008 — KATIE Couric is vowing revenge on the Internet joker who posted unflattering videos of her on YouTube.   CBS News started a new YouTube chan nel over the weekend for its primary election coverage.But the CBS anchorwoman used the debut to get a little personal with those who make fun of her on the Internet video site.“Hello YouTube viewers,” she begins. “You know, it’s nice to be on YouTube for a change when I know the cameras are rolling.”Then, smiling and shaking her finger at the camera she adds: “Harry Shearer, I’m going to get you!”Shearer, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and voice on “The Simpsons,” is one of the originators of “My Damn Channel,” another Internet site that last year posted two videos of Couric talking when she thought the cameras were off. On one tape, she makes fun of her predecessor Dan Rather.

On the most recent one, posted last month, she is seen at the anchor desk on the night of the New Hampshire primary complaining about her clip-on microphone, cursing and joking with her crew about how Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign was dead.


Both tapes were presumably intercepted from satellite transmissions between CBS and its affiliates and never intended to air on TV.

Couric’s retort to Shearer appears to put him on notice that she is watching him – and may try a prank of her own in the future.


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