TOM GREEN, ANDY MILONAKIS, & the awesome sandwich is ruined again


Andy Milonakis did the Tom Green show the other night. Tom is a consistent hero. It’s likely our damn thing may never have evolved without people like Tom who paved the way. WATCH HIS SHOW – linked below. 

You’ll see Andy as the real man behind the mic. He’s an honest, good-hearted, comic rebel. We’re lucky to have him on our side. You’ll see Milonakis give the nod to Andy Kaufman. See him rap freestyle. See him eat a carrot.  See him give the other guest more respect than this blog can allow. 

An “awesome sandwich” is ruined again as one-note Danny Bonaduce finds it completely impossible to shut his mouth. No guest, no story, no anecdote is safe from interruption as Danny recounts the millionth telling of the same five stories in his repertoire. It’s a career built on mocking his own failures. Sad.  He nearly wrecked the Adam Carolla show with the same desperate vibe you’ll see here:  





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