Was it just one night? Sounds like a bad Phil Collins song – but I stayed up late last night – did the ‘night feed’ with the twins – watching all the coverage I could get on the Iowhoppin’.

Was it just one night? Or did the possibility of positive energy & a more honest politic squelch every cynical pundit on the tube. The talking heads still sound like they’re ga-ga over Obama 24 hours later. It’s surprising and fun to watch.

Left my oldest daughter a voicemail early this morning to share some of the rush. So much idealism was attacked and literally murdered over 40 years ago….the caucuses felt like a night when the country was willing to hit the reset button. 

Washington has spewed lies for so long that the well of optimism and the hope of the great candidate was almost entirely evaporated. New voters are about to get their first glimpse at how an inspired, gifted leader could turn one good night into four better years ahead. I’m onboard.


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