In a world of too many sports analogies, you’ll often get the phrase:  “level playing field.” Dot-commies use this line to help them build confidence in our fight for new democracy vs. Old Media. The field is getting more level by the minute.

I’ve sat inside old skyscrapers long enough to see million-dollar execs sweat bullets when a few too many websites or emails dare to question their mystical ability to know what the public wants. Honesty is a sacred currency in new media. A small group of intense fans can shake skyscrapers from their foundation. The mistake too many execs make is to run in fear from fans who attack. Mass communication is a contact sport.

When we first started MyDamnChannel.com, we had arguments about whether or not to let users comment and post negatively on our videos. We quickly decided before launch that we’d be doomed the minute we started editing or blocking feedback of any kind.

We’re planning to launch new features by Feb 1st to ensure that My Damn Channel becomes more BOTTOM UP. 

Keep Attacking.


2 Responses to “LEVEL PLAYING FIELD”

  1. Hm. I would like to have been a fly on the wall for those debates. I actually don’t see the value in comments being left under episodes (though I myself have done so). All I know is that YouTube’s comments are a wasteland of sophomoric inanity, homophobia and racism. I just wonder if there’s much value in it. Then again, if you don’t allow posts, people can just comment on the films elsewhere…though I think they’ll be less inclined to post thoughtless, inane comments if they have to make a point to go elsewhere to join some 3rd party discussion. I guess I would not have allowed the comments on the videos, but would have allowed comments on the blog.

  2. Register & log in to My Damn Channel to attack away

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