Packed in four more speed dates yesterday meeting financial and strategic partners to grow the My Damn Channel monsta. All of them – matchmade by Warren Chao, our Chief Operating Officer – the smart one we call “H-POD” (Honest Promise / Over-Deliver). He’s a lawyer – a former venture capitalist – a biz dev exec. He’s the man who finds and manages the money that makes our media machine run. In his spare time, he put together all our tech, ad sales, legal, and administrative. He runs our LA office. I’m ceoing headquarters in NY – getting to do all the fun stuff -with our talent – & building the world many venture capitalists fear: CONTENT. 

A few brave backers are finally warming to the fact that it’s becoming as much about WHAT you watch – as HOW you watch it. Full respect is due every sili-co-con in the valley who built the pipes and pathways that bring all the tech starring back at you through this screen…but we’ve figured out a way to produce high-quality videos at low-cost. Advertisers are coming on board to pay the freight. Our artists get rare, transparent deals that start with total creative freedom, segue to fully-funded video channels, and end with a rocking share of the revenue.  Back to the dating game. 


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