New looks n’ feels starting to hit My Damn Channel. There have been improvements throughout, but the next large leaps forward are starting to appear.

We’ve added thumbnails to all our videos. This is the first of many upgrades that will all be revealed by Friday, Feb. 1st – including a new home page, new artist channel pages, SEARCH and more…details coming in guest blogging from Big Fat Brain and Reborn over these next weeks because we need attacks, applause or hot mental apathy.

4 Responses to “LOOK/FEEL”

  1. you forgot post roll commercials and annoying on screen ads in videos

  2. Dear Doctor: you are correct – we have begun to figure out how to make enough money to barely heat the office – open to all ideas on how to least annoy you.

  3. Big Fat Mom Says:

    Gee, Rob… I thought Amy was teasing me when she told me that you all huddle together for warmth.

  4. Rob Barnett Says:


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