The twins are starting to sleep more than four hours at a time. Sleep deprivation has been morphing into rocket fuel for thinking, creating, blogging for the past 7 weeks. Will more than four hours cause writer’s block?

This morning I awoke about 5 am – missed the middle if the night feed – gifted by my wife – but just had one of those all too rare moments – twice – once after feeding my son – and again just now after feeding my daughter. These moments shut out all the noise. The chase was off. The race wasn’t being run. Time out was called – and the silence took over – rolling in like a wave.

When these moments passed – I felt like I was fed well too. A meal laced with the same unnameable flavors that birthed the babies, the business, and all good times.

I remembered the energy we conjured up to start My Damn Channel and the secret sauce that went into the brew. The key ingredients we left out were doubt and fear. We left those two in the kitchen cabinet – just in case anyone from old media needed to stop by and borrow some spice. We cooked with extra servings of badass and positive thinking – we threw in enough angst to keep us from ever going through the motions – because we know that breaking out of our low-rent kitchen and into profits was a mission worth fighting for.

We’re a little more than four months into the battle. We’re not claiming “mission accomplished” yet. We’re seeking new co-cons to add ideas, weapons, soul, sweat and cash.

We’re answering every phone call and email – even some of the oddest ones – 08 is upon us – and we’re building a bigger boat to set sail for futureville. Co-cons welcome:


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