The Little in the Middle by Guest Blogger Matt Bledsoe

Hi. I’m Matt. My partner Troy and I produce the Big Fat Brain channel on My Damn Channel. Today Rob’s letting me guest-blog, or glog, today. Which is exciting for me, but shows very poor judgment on Rob’s part.

The latest episode of our series Itty Bitty Liddy premieres today, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to plug the series, because it’s something Troy and I are very proud of. Not because it’s a pioneering entry into the emerging Film-Noir-Political-Humor-Green-Screen-Action-Figure genre, as well as a scathing indictment of the sick underground chess match playing out this election year. But because there are some really funny butt jokes in every episode.

To us, the G-Man is a uniquely flawed anti-hero, caught in the dark vortex between the bumbling moral arrogance of the right and self-involved amoral arrogance of the left. Liddy is just a little pawn in the middle. But then… (pause for dramatic emphasis)… aren’t we all?

Anyway, we think you’ll really enjoy Itty Bitty Liddy. Unless you’re a candidate for the Presidency. In which case, you better watch your butt. ‘Cause Liddy’s coming. And there’s no end he won’t go to to keep this country safe.


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