Matt & Troy at Big Fat Brain preach a pretty good rule for My Damn Channel: Show Beats Tell. The best way to experience our web experience is to watch it – not to listen to us yak about it. Their rule makes blogging a helluva lot easier and more concise.

But it’s Thursday – and every Thursday – Don Was presents brand new music he produces and films exclusively for My Damn Channel.

Don Was

Don calls our channel: The Wasmopolitan Cavalcade of Recorded Music. We set out on a simple mission together: To rewrite all the broken old rules of the music business. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly get the hell out of the way – and give artists respect, freedom, mass distribution and cash. If you go to Don’s site this afternoon – or spend more time there tonight – or this weekend – you’ll have a rare chance to discover new music made from the heart – with ZERO corporate interference.

Today, Don debuts more music from his recent trip to his native soil – with sound and vision emanating from Detroit, Michigan.

You can also checkout all the new music from Don’s roadtrip to Nashville. These digital albums come with LINER NOTES too.

Last point: All our music is FREE to download – thanks to the hearts & wallets of our friends at Lincoln and from our friends at ASCAP.


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