Atta Boy Buddha

I’m using the blackberry as a flashlight to night feed my daughter 2:20 a.m. The twins will be seven weeks old tomorrow. My son smiled at me for the first time last night. Not some kind of fake, I-just-farted, facial fake – but a real bigtime, full expression of happiness! The ultimate Hanukkah present. Even better than uniques, investment checks, and six-figure ad sales deals.

Back in non new media land, we used to say there’s no sense waiting for an “atta boy.” It’s that slap on the back that any boy or girl wishes they could get once in a rare while from the boss. That elusive validation that’s says “I’m happy, good, pleased…”

In old media, the boss is rarely visible – usually situated in a different building from where the frontline work gets done. That “other” building is seldom referred to by its address. The working class in most companies almost always use a one-word title/description for the offices that house upper management. This one word moniker is usually invoked with a dose of disdain and disappointment when it passes the lips of the people who make the bosses all their money. Workers call the “other” building: “corporate.”

You’d think positive reinforcement was as essential oxygen in any team sport, but if you take a close look at the titans who run old media, you’ll usually notice they move too fast to stop and care enough to throw an “atta boy” bone to the workin’ stiffs.

Holiday season is a fine time to see what your C.E.Uh.Oh is really made of. But don’t sit there waiting too long for that “atta boy.” You can find it all on your own – by putting your own content on the web – you’re almost on a completely level playing field with “corporate.” With the right distribution and promotion – you can generate the kind of numbers that make everyone pay attention – that leads to dollars – and even a few smiles along the way.


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