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Went to a friend’s Facebook this morning and found ideas to share – Adria Petty is a filmmaker ( – she quoted filmmaker John Cassavettes – wise words to ring in a new year: 


“you have to fight every day to stop censoring yourself. and you never have anyone else to blame when you do. what happens to artists is that it’s not that somebody’s standing in their way, it’s that their own selves are standing in their way. the compromise really isn’t how or what you do, the techniques you use, or even the content, but really the compromise is beginning to feel a lack of confidence in your innermost thoughts. and if you don’t put these innermost thoughts on the screen then you are looking down on not only your audience but the people you work with, and that’s what makes so many people working out there unhappy. these innermost thoughts become less and less a part of you and once you lose them then you don’t have anything else. so many people have so much to say and there are so many really worthwhile things to say that it seems impossible that we could cut ourselves off from this whole avenue of enormous excitement.”

The quote inspired me to find more:

“…in no other activity can a man express himself as fully as in art. And, in all times, the artist has been honored and paid for revealing his opinion of life. The artist is an irreplaceable figure in our society too: A man who can speak his own mind, who can reveal and educate, who can stimulate or appease and in every sense communicate with fellow human beings. To have this privilege of world-wide communication in a world so incapable of understanding, and ignore its possibilities, and accept a compromise–most certainly will and should lead the artist and his films to oblivion.”


More John Cassavettes:

Happy New Year!



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Meet “Alias” – The Master Seducer!
WAINY DAYS guest stars PAUL RUDD on My Damn Channel.
David Wain says, “This is the episode that mirrors real life: Paul Rudd teaching me about sex.”
Paul Rudd says, “This is the episode where, when the cameras weren’t shooting, I totally had sex with David Wain.”



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Merry Christmas to all. A few more days of relative calm before we return to battle.


Our band of merry rebels won’t take anything away from the mega success of the self-help phenom: “The Secret.” But an obvious lesson learned in old media fuels our web war machine for ’08: Corporate secrets are poisonous.

When I started in rock radio, the first wave of FM freedom fighters were under attack by a small handful of wolves dressed in corporate clothing.  A few ex-disc jockeys and program directors cut their long hair, dressed up in fancy new suits, and jumped up on a new pedestal as self-appointed “consultants.” These bad boys devised plans to rake in megabucks by convincing radio owners and general managers they possessed secret formulas for ratings success.  Veteran radio warriors earned scars and stripes as we watched these wise guys disappear behind the closed doors of power and suck the spirit out of an industry built on innovation and creativity. Originality was replaced by cookie-cutter formats with identical playlists making stations separated by thousands of miles sound exactly the same.


A number of these same consultants invaded other bastions of cool and followed some of radio’s best & brightest to new fronts fighting for mindshare of the pop culture planet.  It was surprising and sad to see these wise guys show up in the hallways of MTV.  More secret meetings, more secret memos, more secret sauce to romance executives into dishing out fat retainer fees to the con-sultans. 

We have a few important rules in our rebel army. “Dirty Hands” means anyone who works with us has to produce actual work. We can’t afford the luxury of paying people to navel gaze and dispense wisdom. The new world moves too fast and our gang is too skeptical to be sucked in by snake oil.


We’ve got another pretty old-fashioned rule for My Damn Channel.
“No secrets.” Everyone in our community has direct unfiltered access to our people and our site. Everyone who works with us – our artists – staff – interns – co-conspirators – and backers – get the buck naked truth. It’s easier. We’re unafraid of what lies ahead and too psyched to be bogged down by bullshit. 




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BIG FAT BRAIN: better than the Divinyls – in their My Damn Channel Special Special


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Saints & Sinners at MyDamnChannel – Better than The Queen’s YouTube channel:

Written by
Kate Christensen

Sound Design by
Matt Simnowitz

Animation by
Dan Pinto
Bryan Brinkman
Matt Gaston


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pop art credit to Colin72


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Here’s a new Christmas video made for My Damn Channel and for your emailing pleasure. Judith Owen performs the Spinal Tap classic: “Christmas With the Devil” 

The Devil’s on bass.

Judith Owen combines beautiful music with a sweet and powerful voice. Her stage presence and performance is cutting, comical, honest, and raw. I’ve taken at least ten uninitiated friends to see Judith play live over the years and everyone leaves high on her cool-aid. 

You can barely discover new music in the old ways – but we thought My Damn Channel was the right forum to introduce you to Judith. Her bio & her website are linked below. Her albums are weekend essentials gettable off the discography on her site.

We just filmed two of Judith’s shows last week in beautiful, downtown Burbank. We’ll be giving you more videos from this music on The Harry Shearer Channel…..Judith’s so in love with this man of all seasons that she married the Devil.