Quitting or getting fired are two of the best escapes when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time…two good medicines when the morning alarm sounds, and your first thoughts are about not wanting to get up and go to work.

I Quit!

Once knew a guy who wrote a book called “Fire Your Boss.”

“Fire Your Boss” Book

There’s a really good antidote for a bad gig! Never read this book, but succeeded with the concept – twice.

We spent time yesterday interviewing people for two new full-time jobs at My Damn Channel. The process always puts you into the fray with people fresh off the firing line – people who’ve just thrown in the towel – the disenchanted – the downsized – the pissed off. Exactly the kind of energy that helps fuel a rebel army.

Our baby site can’t be right without a few more people in the mix calling us out on our crap. We’re looking for a Community Director to prevent us from too much top down thinking. The right new hire knows how to drop matches on the rocket fuel that’ll bring people into our site from the bottom up. Our fan base is growing fast, but they now need direct access to the inside – and the ability to use our bandwidth to interact with Harry, Don, David, Big Fat Brain, and Andy. These bad boys are ready to respond.

We’re also looking for a skilled site programmer to upload and manage taking the videos from the brains & hands of our stars & getting them up onto the site every day with ideas on how to best program the content.

We’re about to announce 3 new channels & we can use the extra human power to not screw this all up.

Average salaries for both new gigs + good benees and the chance to touch Don’s dreads – this wonderment & more can all be yours in our NY office.

Bend our skeptical minds to your powerful will. Why do you want in? And what’s your game plan?: info@MyDamnChannel.com.

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