Hollywood? (11.15.07 – 4:29 am)

Hollywood Sign

My Damn Channel is getting a heap of new attention, phone calls, offers and rapid traffic increases in the wake of the writers’ strike. If we weren’t completely spiritually aligned with the writers and dedicated to giving them the best deals in the business – we’d feel guilty. Bad fortune cookies cracking open all over old Hollywood Boulevard mean ‘good times’ for all the cowboyz and cowgirlz out here in VIRTUALWOOD.

We’ve been sleepless for the past 108 days that our site has been up LIVE – creating new channels and videos for mass distribution: backing professional writers, actors, musicians, comics, directors, and producers who still work in the old system but can taste and smell the new world dawning. Our co-cons are too talented to ever quit creating. We set them a new thanksgiving table with a feast of web freedoms. No turkeys in our oven – they’re still alive out there – gobbling about how they’re not really losing audience to the web and how business is better than ever. Ya think?

Hundreds of former co-cons have hit the beach over the last few years…especially in TV + radio. Old Hollywood is becoming layoff-land.

Our new media speedboats are outrunning the old battleships. Our generals have no fear. The best new media companies are run in ripped jeans, blaring loud music in offices that look like a cross between our college dorms and the OLD mtv.

The best part about not having a boss in a suit is that you don’t have to second guess yourself. You can go back to making art the way you did before you thought your whole life depended on the outcome. (It actually does – but the wheels are about to fall off this posting – right?)

It always boils down to Freedom vs. Fear. Dylan’s best interview – given in 1984 at about 4 o’clock in the morning – offered the best advice any creator can lend another:

(Paraphrasing) “……whenever you want to do anything in your life – don’t ask advice – if you do – you’ll either end up not doing it – or doing it wrong – but if you know what you want to do – and you do it – you’ll be successful – no matter what.”

We took a My Damn Channel camera out on the picket lines yesterday……we’ll share some more strike energy later. It smells like Thanksgiving.


3 Responses to “Hollywood? (11.15.07 – 4:29 am)”

  1. Who’s writing this?

  2. Rob Barnett, My Damn Channel, Founder & CEO – email: info@MyDamnChannel.com

  3. OK, RB. Couple o’ things.

    Numero uno: ring up the code jockey that set up this WordPress blog for you and let s/he know that they forgot to set the time stamps to something other than the default: Greenwich Mean Time. Or maybe you’ve moved to London?

    Numero dos: Moving from GMT to New Jersey time will then move the time stamp of all of your posts forward 5 hours from their current times of noonish/midday to their actual post times of 5 and 6 o’clockish. Since we went off of Daylight Savings Time on Nov. 4th and you started this blog on the 6th, you can at least claim to be posting… er… in the dark… so to speak… I mean to keep the whole “Night Feed” concept Kosher.

    El Gato

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