‘Dirty Seinfeld’ (11.12.07 – 3:47 am)

We should be out on the picket lines handing out Krispy Kremes, but we’re at work honoring creative veterans of show business battles by building a new stage for their next works.

My Damn Channel is built to last longer than just another sugar rush. After years of leading insurgencies on missions up steep hills in Old Media, U.S.A., we commissioned a new band of sisters and brothers to start a war we knew we could win.

There’s a strict dress code for management: no suits. We swore a sacred oath to insure total artistic freedom – at all costs – with all treasure split equally with soldiers in the field.

3 simple promises to every new media web warrior on “My Damn Channel”:

– No “Notes”
– No Hidden Costs
– 50/50 splits

It took about ten minutes to put these war plans on the table and ask David Wain to join this year’s army. It took David about ten seconds to say “YES.”

‘Wainy Days’ is our most successful episodic web series. In our first 100 days, David’s comedies have been seen one million times and today marks the premiere of Season 2.

Old media management can be secretly baffled when they stumble upon a hit. But they quickly race to take credit (and profit) away from every rare smash. Scores of imitators crop up instantly every time there’s a hit to try and recapture lightning in a bottle…. and sell it for twice as much.

We know why David Wain has hits on “My Damn Channel.” We pay him and his production AND we leave him the hell alone. He’s a writer, director, producer, actor who’s spent enough time on both sides of the camera to know how to conjure up exactly what he wants to present on the screen. I’ve spent enough time on all sides of the game to know how to support this kind of talent well.

‘Wainy Days’ works because it’s insanely funny. David’s series is a cross between ‘Dirty Seinfeld’ and Woody Allen on acid. Guest stars have included Jonah Hill, Rashida Jones, Michael Ian Black, Zandy Hartig, A.D. Miles, Rob Corddry, Jessica Westfeldt, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Sudeikis, Ken Marino, Thomas Lennon, and Kerry Kenney-Silver.

Much respect and thanks to Producer Jon Stern; to my head of production, Paul Gallagher; to all at My Damn Channel; to Zandy + to everyone working on ‘Wainy Days;’ and especially to you Mr. Wain…..we owe you a whole lotta Krispy Kremes.


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