Coming up (11.11.07 – 3:34 am)

Sleepless middle of the night Sunday – loving our new twins. They’re 24 days old and helping us find the right rhythms at home.

If you’ve found this blog off the My Damn Channel website, you deserve regular insider updates on what’s going on to bring you da videoooos.

You deserve even more, because I’d never be able to afford yesterday’s first mystical trip to Costco – without you watching My Damn Channel. We now have enough Frosted Flakes to outlast the apocalypse.

Maria is going to be posting for two new fulltime jobs this week – based in the new My Damn Channel NY office. Will leak it here first: We need to hire another producer/programmer to help shoot/edit/upload to the site + our syndication sites. The other is Community Director/Camp Counselor/Forum Moderator/VideoFinder-
Sharer-Blogger-er to make sure our feet stay planted firmly on the virtual ground. If you know humans who seek some of our Anti-Media heaven, then have them email us at info@MyDamnChannel.

Don Was started a chain of emails yesterday marking the first time I decided to break the Ghostbusters’ rule and “cross the streams” with our stars. His inspiration revolves around getting our talent lineup to work + play together.

We learned that David Wain plays drums. He doesn’t know that I’m gonna beg our ‘producer’ to go double drummers – Grateful Dead style. Our Donfather will produce and play bass when we can all get into the studio. I asked Milonakis to rap the bible. Big Fat Brain plays everything.

Andy is also cooking up another evil video idea and he’s got already got Don Was + Big Fat agreeing to contrib.

Set every alarm clock you have for 7am eastern time Monday morning: WAINY DAYS – SEASON TWO premieres. David Wain is back with more Waininess on My Damn Channel. Wainy Days is our best, original episodic series – arguably better than any network sitcom + definitely shorter – with NO commercial interruptions. Wainy Days is Dirty Seinfeld.

In Episode 11, David kicks off Season 2 back on the cliffhanger – with his girlfriend Zandy (Zandy Hartig) – as her pregnancy threatens to thrust our star into adulthood.

Last lick: Katie Couric magically appeared on My Damn Channel Friday night?

Back to sleep now – it’s cold outside.


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