A song & a prayer (11.8.07 – 2:42 am)

The twins turn three weeks old today. We rocked them both back to sleep this morning, and thoughts bounced between the joy and honor of caring for these perfect little souls…and the angst of knowing they were born into a world led by a war-hungry demagogue. The Joy Killer.

Bush is hellbent on the notion that he can protect us like the father by talking tough. He never got past the anger of 9/11 to enter into any other stages of the grief. “Blow them all to hell” is a reaction that crept into pop culture long ago, but it’s the wrong drama to turn into a reality show. “Dead or Alive” was a pathetic joke…and Osama’s still laughing.

If you’ve read the news, then you’ve seen stories unfolding since Abu Ghraib about our government’s decision to torture human souls in the name of freedom. Now, the secret ship of state is leaking like a sieve and the waterboarding scandal is front page news. My Damn Channel’s Harry Shearer decided to do what any enlightened rebel would do in this situation…….he’s singing about it.

Imagine what the world would be like if more of our heroes could carry a tune.

On day 101 of ‘My Damn Channel Invades Earth’ – we’re releasing Harry Shearer’s “Waterboardin’, USA” to radio stations and video screens across America.

Harry was just nominated for Funniest Web Video in the upcoming TV Guide Online Video Awards vs. Will Ferrell’s “The Landlord” and SNL’s “Dick in a Box.”

My Damn Channel also got the nod for Best Comedy Web Site, but we’re up against Comedy Central, Funny or Die, and SuperDeluxe. We’re gonna BEG for your VOTE just to see if our wizeass little web site can topple the big money favorites. Please help us get up on that TV stage + make some trouble!!!!

What would an awards show be without a nod to God. Let’s endeth with a morning prayer: Dear God, please bless our new babies and please be good to Harry Shearer for he giveth us The Simpsons, Spinal Tap, Le Show, and weekly new web videos like “Waterboardin’, USA.” Amen.


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