Do the Math #1 (11.6.07 – 3:56 am)

It’s raining hard tonight. Big drops on the roof and little cries from the crib. As a new father to both twins and a new media outlet, the middle of the night time is the right time for think time.

Welcome to the Strike Zone. Multiply enough disgruntled creative artists by the time it takes beaten old battleships to turn around in a leaking bathtub and the sum total equals justification for game change. THE NIGHT FEED is the new blog from My Damn Channel. Ignore this drivel – or choose to engage, attack, and co-conspire.

How many times do talented entertainers have to be disrespected and taken advantage of until they put their heads together and smash through a solid brick wall?

Steve Zeitchik at The Hollywood Reporter noted that the last Hollywood strike almost 20 years ago fueled the rise of cable television. He asked whether this new strike could create major new traffic for My Damn Channel. The twins hope he’s right.

Easy math tells you exactly how much money it took for old media to learn that “the kids” were starting a revolution online: $1.6 billion. YouTube’s superpowers rang an alarm bell loud enough to wake tired tycoons and sleeping giants . . . and the mad dash began.

The old media moguls leapt out of their walkers and wheelchairs. They pranced onto the track to prove their warhorses could run as fast as ear-pierced, snot-nosed young studs brave or stupid enough to lay claim to media’s triple crown: unfiltered creative freedom, mass distribution, and a scalable business model.

First lap round the track the wheelchairs masqueraded as shiny new cars, but gas guzzlers like HBO, NBC, and Comedy Central couldn’t keep pace with the new, smaller, energy-efficient models.

A My Damn Channel Co-Con made a point that even Al Gore would have to concede: recycling is BAD … for the web. Old media thinks green when they look to the internet, but they only see green when dead presidents are in the picture. The mogul’s view of winning online is too focused on recycling content through a new pipe. Their strategy is baked up to make an extra buck off “the kids.”

Online audiences are too smart to be suckered. Our kind embraced the power to change the world the minute we heard our first rock record. Our new media rejects recycling by creating original ideas, videos, art, information, and revenue. And we run fast on very little sleep.

You can fake the funk in any town, but this new town ain’t big enough for the old warhorses. You all get back to worrying about giving the writers a better deal and we’ll get back to feeding and playing with “the kids.”


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